Dare to Care

“Kindness is the golden chain by which the society is bound together”, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once stated. Along with the increase of population in the capital city, societal issues varying from environment to children rights are becoming in greater demand of sufficient yet sustainable act of kindness. Extending the chain of kindness from our own backyard, Kemang Buzz takes an inside look at charitable foundations within the community, and ways to support through each.

The Foundation for Mother and Child Health

In year 2001, The Foundation for Mother and Child Health (FMCH) first established as mother-and-child care centre situated in Kemang. The Kemang-based care centre developed into a community-supported charitable foundation, welcoming mothers and malnourished toddlers at Cipete and Cilandak disadvantaged areas. The foundation’s core mission is to improve health, education, and sustainable skills of mothers and children with outreach programs reaching to West Timor, India and Azerbaijan. FMCH has also published an award-winning recipe book, “Gado Gado ala Bule”, of which all proceeds of sale directed to fund medical aid of post-tsunami Aceh.

How to support? If you are skilled in child nursing and midwifery, computing, writing or sewing, or knowledgeable in nutrition and kindergarten to primary school teaching, you can begin volunteering by registering through the site or email at fmchjakarta@gmail.com. Online donation box is available on the official website.

The Foundation for Mother and Child Health
Jl. H. Naim II no. 10 RT 03/RW 11
Cipete Utara, Kebayoran Baru
Phone: (+62) 21 723-2119
Email fmchjakarta@gmail.com
Website: www.motherandchildhealth.org

Indonesia Heritage Society

Indonesia Heritage Society (IHS) is a not-for-profit foundation aiming to promote interest and knowledge of the traditional cultures of Indonesia. Evening lectures, heritage tours, and are some of the programs offered by the foundation for cultural enthusiasts from all walks of life. The main part of the foundation is The Library, a home to vast collection of books and slides of subjects from history, arts, to ethnography. Coming from multinational backgrounds, IHS staffs and volunteers, or the Heritage Society Friends, altogether create an adequate cultural learning atmosphere combined with activities conducted in English, French, Japanese and Korean.

How to support? Contributing to IHS can be as exciting as educating especially for scholars. It offers volunteering opportunities in fields of library-keeping, public relations and event organizing, media and publishing, to information technology. Volunteer activities include becoming museum tour guides, library keepers, and providing assistance to study groups and language classes.

Indonesia Heritage Society
17th Floor, Sentral Senayan 1
Jl. Asia-Afrika 8
Phone: (+62) 21 572-5870
Email: info@heritagejkt.org
Website: www.heritagejkt.org

Jakarta Animal Aid Network

Located at Jakarta Animal Clinic, Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) commits to improve protection and welfare of animals in Indonesia since its establishment in 2008.  Activities include rescuing, providing veterinary care, training for animals and owners, rehabilitating and re-homing animals. Collaborating with the local government, the animal aid network seeks to rescue wildlife animals from captivity, extinction, and exploitation. As for domesticated animals, JAAN aims to educate the mass on ethical treatment of animals. Since year 2009, JAAN has also been organizing PAWDAY walks, fund-raising event gathering pet owners to take their dogs for a day out in the park.

How to support? You can register online to join the support team. JAAN is also currently on the lookout for flight volunteers. Flight volunteers are travelers escorting rescued animals to new families. In addition, you can either adopt or sponsor an animal. Merchandises such as t-shirts and mugs are available for purchase as a way to help fund the network.

Jakarta Animal Aid Network
Jl. Kemang Timur no. 17
Phone: (+62) 21 719 9917
Email: info@jakartaanimalaid.com
Website: www.jakartaanimalaid.com

Rumah Yatim Foundation

Headquartered in West Java, Rumah Yatim Foundation is an orphanage house distinguished for presenting the idea of doing charity in a religious theme. Rumah Yatim also offers services in facilitating managing charities. The Kemang orphanage house is the sixth branch and presently sheltering 25 foster children. Counting to more than 300 orphans and dhuafas living in Rumah Yatim houses spread across nation, the wakaf program include the construction of a 450 m2-wide orphanage dormitory in Bandung, West Java.

How to support? Rumah Yatim accepts deeds through donation. It is categorized into wakaf, zakat, infaq, and shodaqoh donation. Consulting with the administrator is advised in setting up an appropriate charity plan or child sponsorship. Having the orphans to come over for open-house festivities can also be a good idea of sharing the joy.

Kampung Kids Foundation

For more than a decade, Kampung Kids Foundation has been playing a significant role in improving the livelihood of underprivileged community of Pejaten and neighbouring areas. Now sponsoring almost a thousand of children, Kampung Kids started off humbly by serving food, fruits and milk from a founder’s garage. Then it began opening English classes for children aged 8 to 10 every once a week, with college students as volunteering tutors. The foundation’s mission gradually manifested into what is referred to as the 3-Phase Program, consisted of basic nutrition, health care, and education.

How to support? Facilitated by a community center in Pejaten, volunteers’ work mainly in running the playgroup for children aged 4 to 6 years old. Kampung Kids is most suitable for eduvolunteers as most tasks are educational, from teaching the alphabet song to using a computer. Donation in form of food, clothes, computers, and stationery tools is accepted as an alternative to money donation.

Kampung Kids Foundation
Jl. Pejaten Barat IV No. 22
Phone: (+62) 21 719 4787
Mobile: 0812 954 0527
Email: info@kampungkids.org
Website: www.kampungkids.org


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