Want a job in sustainability – what’s next?

Discussion on Pulse: Want a job in sustainability – what’s next?

And it’s worth remembering that sustainability means different things to different companies. At a global drinks group, you might be working with village leaders on conserving community water supplies in India. At a US bank, you might be focusing on micro-lending or promoting financial literacy. At a car manufacturer, cutting energy use could be the goal.

What you probably don’t want is to end up in a company that thinks sustainability means writing a check to a local non-profit or replacing the light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives. “There are still hundreds of executives walking around Davos patting themselves on the back saying: ‘We got rid of plastic bottles in our operations’,” says Stewart. “And they actually think they’ve done something.

Sustainability, CSR, ESG, GCG, SV, and “green”. The job role. The method, or technicality, which I consider where ‘sustainability’ falls into. The value, associated most with corporate external activities, with customers, suppliers, stakeholders. The ethic, policy in result.


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